Falling Men

Try this game if you think you react fast!!

Stickmen are falling from the top of a building.You have to control the rescue cushion so that the stickmen fall onto it.When a victim fell on the cushion,he will rebound forward.He will need to fall on the cushion for 3 times before he landed safely on the ground.

There are two game modes to play:

Super Mode:
Tap the arrows on the screen to control the cushion.I think this mode is more funny and challenging.

Classic Mode:
Tilt your iPhone/iPod Touch to control the cushion.

Stickmen come in different interval.As you rescue more of them,they come in a faster rate.This is not that easy!In the hard level, stickmen fall like raindrops and you will find that your fingers are always not moving fast enough.Try this game if you think you react very fast.

***To watch a demo of this game, click the “Falling Stickmen Support” link.***

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