FallDown Ⓞ: Infinity


It’s the classic “falldown” game but with new, futuristic, evolutionary, amazing retina graphics, sound and game play.

* Tilt, Dodge and GO *
Tilt the ball to control it and try to avoid getting destroyed at the top.

*Power-ups *
Collect different power-ups on your way down, that help you fall deeper and live longer.

* Super power store too! *
Need to beat your friends and take that Gamecenter HIGH SCORE? Visit our Power Store and pick up these power-ups so you can steam into 1st position!
-Heavy ball
-Laser Zapper
-Ultra Breaker
-Double power
and MORE!

* Collect Coins *
You need coins for the in-game store. You can get coins from playing and getting high-scores, by sharing this app with your friends or with in-app purchase. Look out for the easter eggs too!

* Compete with Friends *
Use Facebook, Twitter and Game Center to compete with Friends. Who can falldown to Infinity?

* Features *
* Realistic physics engine
* Smooth animation (Constant 60 FPS)
* Beautiful retina graphics
* Awesome epic soundtrack
* Amazing sound effects
* Super sensitive tilt control
* In-game coin store
* In-game falldown superpower store
* Game Center Leaderboards
* iPhone 5 retina compatible

-Totally Amazing! Just Falldown to Infinity!

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