Fall Fu Panda

Help the panda ‘Woo’ to destroy the evil ninjas so he can get home.

This game takes the traditionary puzzlegames to a whole new level.

— This is a puzzler in a rotational 360 degrees world —

Use your brain and the zoom to see the world before you try to kill off the evil ninjas.
You must think of every step you take otherwise it could be over before you know it.


– Great graphics, music and sounds
– Many levels with different dangers
– Increasing difficulty
– A whole new concept in the puzzle genre
– Very easy and responsive controls
– 2 Finger Zoom

Just touch the left side of the screen to rotate left and touch the right side to rotate right.
As easy as it gets

Many hours of fun for kids & grownups of all ages
This game stimulates the brain of thinking in many dimensions and planning your steps ahead.

Try it to see for yourself

** Warning, very addictive **

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