Fake・Dice! with Mr.Di

My name is “Shizuoka Ikumen”.I am a Japanese, I’m sorry in poor English.

Why do not you ever think, “I want to put out the number of dice you think yourself?”
I tried to make it by ” Fake・Dice!”. And it with a voice, added to the name “with Mr.Di”

In ” Fake・Dice!” By you to this little operation to control the dice.

I have to not find your opponent on Operation. explain in detail for the person who has been downloaded, however. (There is manual and support site.)

Although this operation, it is necessary to the practice. There is a “practice mode” for it.

To enjoy in

However, do not abuse! ! Always displayed the “Fake・Dice!” Of the title. If it is “Fake・Dice!” Title indeed, such as a serious gamble can not be used.

There is also a mode as “normal dice mode”, put out the eyes of the dice by a random number. Please play with “normal dice mode” when used as normal dice.

You can also check the image of ”Fake・Dice!” using YouTube. “You can do like this to practice.

(The video is the Japanese version.I am very sorry that I have not been the focus of the image.

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