Fairy Adventure Lite

Enter a world filled with whimsy and wonder. Experience a magical tale of friendship and adventure! Join Ellie and Mer as they venture into the dark and dangerous mission to rescue their fairy friends from being held captive; restore peace and order; and eliminate the evil dragon that burned their peaceful village to the ground!

Fairy Adventure features 10 unique and magical backgrounds for 60 different levels. There are tons of obstacles, monsters and huge bosses, all placed in different patterns per level. You must collect all the hidden stars scattered in the maps for extra exp! Moreover, you can enjoy collaborative play with various characters, each one with enchanting, charming and unique personality. Also, you can unlock beautiful wallpapers by completing each stage!


– Touch the screen on the direction where you want to navigate your character
– Tap and hold your finger in place on the screen to increase your character’s movement speed
– Your character will fall if you let go of the screen
– Collect keys of different shapes while avoiding obstacles and monsters along the way
– Use the keys to open locks of the same shape, open the cages and set your fairy friends free.

LITE VERSION NOW AVAILABLE, you can play up to stage 1 (12 levels) before purchase the game.

Upgrade to the PAID VERSION to go ad-free and get all 60 unique levels, 5 stages to unlock!

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