Fainting Goats

“App of the Week”, Corona

It’s goat time!!!

Based on the sensational and true phenomena of fainting (or to be all science-y: myotonic) goats, Two Guys Called Steve bring you this delightfully puzzling and addictive game which will keep you smiling and playing for hours.

In this deceptively complex Fainting Goats game, win your way through the beautiful dream-like levels. See if you can be sneaky enough to get all the goats knocked down at once before running out of shout power.

This is no ordinary puzzle game. Play it for yourself and see why.
Unleash your frustrations on these unwary and fallible goats.
Run around the hills trying to get all the goats down at the same time.

– 45 Challenging levels over 9 stages
– Un-lockable Environments
– Fantastic innovative “shout” mechanism
– Tons of hillarious shout noises
– Star ratings
– Multiple goat faint challenges
– Unique game play mechanics
– Addictive and fun
– Suitable for all ages

** New modes coming soon!

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