Face Dice

The most realistic 3D dice-game in iOS device. Dice animated as real world. Primary mode (by 4 dices), it’s popular dice in Taiwan, you can play 1~4 dices for points. There is an unique Facebook photo mode, use your friends’ photo as dice-faces. Upload dice-result to Facebook to share with friends.
★ Control ★
Single finger to move dices, release to throw.
Double fingers to rotate dices.
+/-: add/del (1~4) game-dices
★ 1~3 dices rule ★
Count all points

★ 4 dices rule ★
Drop 2 same (smaller) points, then count the other 2 dices.
If none same-point or 3 same-points, it’s invalid, then throw again.
4 same-points: called “一色”(Pure), it’s the best result.
Result 12: called “拾捌”, it’s second best.
Result 3: called “BG”, it’s the worst result.
ex: 一色 > 拾捌 > 11 > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3
★ Feature ★
Powered by bullet-physics engine
Easy to use UI
Smoothly and reality 3D dices
History: show previous results
Use Facebook friends’ photo as dice-faces
Upload dice-result to Facebook to share with friends
Support GameCenter: Leaderboards and Achievements
In-App-Purchase to remove ads

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