You’ve got the albums, you think you know the songs — but do you REALLY know those four legends from Liverpool? Let Fabfouria put you to the test!

The mania, the albums, the songs, the films, the concerts and tours, the Paul death hoax, the solo years, the indelible cultural impact, and THE MUSIC! Here’s the magic of the greatest band of all time, (or at least cool trivia questions about that magic) now captured for Q&A trivia posterity in Fabfouria!

We hope Fabfouria is *the best* app of its kind in the app store. Here’s what hopefully makes Fabfouria better:

1. Fabfouria is a “smart game” — or fairly smart at least! Fabfouria knows when you’re doing well or poorly on its fabfourious trivia questions, and gives you encouraging and entertaining feedback after you answer each question;

2. Colorful, dynamic, animated background images to complement Fabfouria’s great questions. Never a dull screen in Fabfouria!;

3. Musical sound effects, along with handy mute button control: when silent play is preferred (or required).

And of course, awesomely creative, unusual and entertaining trivia questions that will keep you challenged, surprised and energized! 100 awesome questions are included in Fabfouria, and up to 300 more are available for purchase. And for every 200 distinct questions you answer correctly, you get 25 FREE, additional to test your fabfourious knowledge. So what are you waiting for? It’s totally gear, man — it’s Fabfouria!

And one more thing: please note that while we dearly love the four legends from Liverpool, we are not affiliated with, nor are we endorsed by the Beatles in any way. All related rights or trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

So what are you waiting for? Get Fabfouria today, and put your Liverpudlian self to the test — it’s gear, man!

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