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Eyes - The Horror Game is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Eyes – The Horror Game Review

Do you believe in ghosts? No, of course you don’t. You’re a rational human being who believes only in what can be perceived by the five senses. Great. Killer. You won’t mind breaking into some dead old lady’s mansion, then. They say a ghost haunts the place, and that the mere sight of it will make you die of fright—but that’s just a kid’s story, right? Right?

Eyes – The Horror Game is an iOS adaptation of an indie PC adventure title. You play as a burglar—pardon, a break-in artist—who’s been informed of the score of a lifetime. There’s an abandoned mansion nearby that’s brimming with unclaimed loot. Sounds like an easy haul, but there’s a catch. The former Lady of the House is haunting the joint, and she’s not the gentle, grandmotherly type of ghost that comforts the living in their time of need. No, she’s the kind that gets up in your face and screams until your heart bursts from terror.


The object of Eyes is to grab the loot (done by tapping on the money bags scattered through the mansion) and get the heck out of dodge before the wandering ghost catches you and makes you a permanent guest. When you have a sufficient amount of cash, you’re allowed to make your way to the exit.

The amount of money you need to collect varies according to the difficulty setting you choose. A lower difficulty means you can grab a few bags before you can dash, whereas a higher difficultly setting requires you to really search every nook for the necessary number of money bags. The longer you linger, the more likely you are to make the ghost’s acquaintance.

You have no weapons, and the few items you pick up can only be used to dig your way deeper into the mansion in hopes of scoring more money bags. You have command over two things that might help you, however: A crude map, and the power to tap into eye-shaped icons that are scattered throughout the mansion. The eyes give you a fix on the ghost’s whereabouts, but only for a few seconds. Still, it might be enough to let you know when to hide or run, which are your only defenses against the spirit.


Eyes is an unsettling game to say the least. The cold, stark decor of the mansion is amplified by the constant howl of the wind and the chattering of your own teeth when the ghost draws near. It’s not the kind of game that’ll make you shriek out loud, but neither is it something that should be played in the dark before bed if you’re the type that scares easily. It’s a well-designed game through and through. Even the slightly loose controls seem like a purposeful decision: they’re fully functional, but they cause you to occasionally stagger into doors and walls when the ghost is after you. If you were being chased by an actual ghost, your flight would not be graceful. Don’t deny it.

It doesn’t take long to beat Eyes – The Horror Game at any difficulty, but it’s a rich, spooky experience while it lasts. If you’re looking for a competent iOS horror game, consider breaking into this old biddy’s mansion.