Extreme Tilt

Epic jumps, insane tricks, and wicked trick combos in the most extreme snowboarding game on the App Store!

You create the mountain slope with each tilt of your device, making jumps and slopes where you want them. But it’s all about catching air and pulling off those sweet trick combos. Earn in-game cash to unlock even slicker boards and a NASA warehouse full of rocket boosters.

Ever put a space shuttle engine on a snowboard? Well, you can in Extreme Tilt Snowboarding. That’s what we call Extreme.

Awesomer Features:
★ Create your own slopes and jumps with tilt control
★ 16 shred-happy snowboards to unlock
★ 10+ boosters for escape velocity jumps
★ 16 epic tricks like Nascar, Bedtime, and Running Man
★ 15 mystery trick combos
★ 1000s of combinations to string together insane scores
★ 18 Game Center achievements

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