Explodables Lite

Make the worlds most beautiful display of fireworks in this explosive, combo making, high scoring, addiction forming, action packed, fun-filled game.

Have you ever wanted to explode things?

Lots of things? Everything?

Across the world? In space? In other galaxies?

Exciting Crowds? Making huge scores?

Of course you have.


★★★ Reviews ★★★

“Bright, simple, and fiendishly addictive” Pocket Gamer

“it’s going to be on my iPod until it breaks” The App Shack

★★★ GAMEPLAY ★★★

Explode rockets to form beautiful, exhilarating displays
Explode rockets to make huge point scoring combos
Explode rockets to unlock hearts, crowns, and multipliers
Explode hearts and crowns to take trips around the galaxy
Explode rockets in other galaxies to form beautiful, exhilarating displays . . .

★★★ FEATURES ★★★

Huge explosions
Multiple ways to build high scoring combos
Multiple ways to explore new parts of the universe on each level
Six levels of ever increasing ways to explode things
Six levels of ever changing places to explode things in
One level of timed randomised chaos called Time Blast


Explode things in an infinitely changing world
Explode things in outer space
Explode things in a black hole


Eight Gamecenter leaderboards for you to challenge your friends on
Eight Gamecenter leaderboards for you to challenge the world on

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