EXP Calc for PAD

This pet leveling EXP mobile game “PAD” unofficial tool. Tried in calculating the experience for the pet upgrade? In order to cherish the hard-won “ingredients”, having trouble in looking up the info by computer? “EXP Calc for PAD” is an excellent tool for you then!

Easy-to-use interface that contains all the Monster Album, providing HP, Atk, Healing, COST and Largest Lv information, we also provides auto-update feature, getting close to every official patch!
Having the “Element” and “Type” filtering function that make the ease of use. Just pressing the interface prompts inputs and you get the experience required for level up. EXP Calc for PAD users also have the opportunity to encounter rare monsters outside addition to punctual digital game, yo :D

Recently, we introduced “Leader Pet” function, allowing you to enter your most common pet leader and let other players query, hoping to help players in need of a strong pet help!

For v.1.4, we bring you the “Stamina Timer” with iPhone NOTIFY FUNCTION!! From now on, no more stamina flooding issue, good luck!

* IPhone 5 retinal full-screen *

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