Exciting Math

Hi, I’m Aditi. I’m 7 years old, and I designed this app.

I was frustrated with trying to type in answers in the online math tutor I was using, so I designed this app around speech recognition.

Please give it a try, and tell me what you think.

With my dad’s help, we created this app for my science fair, and we’re now ready for everyone to try it. The speech recognition will get better over time, but if you’re in a quiet room, and speak loudly and clearly, it should work just fine. If you’re having trouble, you can always use the multiple-choice buttons instead.

Oh, and choose your own pictures for the app to show when you’re fast, slow or wrong. I’ve picked out my favorites for you to choose from.

Have fun!


Exciting Mathâ„¢ is for kids who are learning to get fast at their single-digit addition and subtraction.

It quizzes them with problems, and provides a progress chart where you and they can see how they are doing at different number ranges. They should get to the point where they can answer any question before the ball touches the bat.

Some tips:

– To speak answers, you need a quiet environment, such as your room. Speak clearly, and aloud. Wait until you’ve heard the full question. Try to just say a number, and wait for a response, rather than talking. Remember, the app isn’t as smart as you are.

– If you are having problems with speaking answers, press the Settings button on the main screen, and turn off Listening—and Speaking, if you’d like. Then use the blue number buttons to answer each question. (You can always use the blue buttons, whether “Listen” is on or not.)

– If you’re done learning addition and multiplication, go to the Progress Chart and press the Reset button, to clear statistics, and let your brother, sister or friend try it.

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