Evil Dead

Device Requirement: iPhone 3GS or newer or iPod touch 4th gen or newer

ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! It’s Evil Dead: The Game! Play the ultimate experience in grueling horror!

Evil Dead is a horror-action-shooter-adventure where you play as Ash and must fight off Deadites and a host of other possessed abominations in order to stay alive and protect your friends. Groovy!


– 30 action-packed levels in a Story mode based on the cult classic film!

– Axes, boomsticks and chainsaws galore! Fight bosses and lead your friends to safety!

– Mighty fine 3D graphics that will swallow your soul! You will say, “Yeah… truly amazing.”

– Play through the original film’s plot and then some! Separated into two chapters, Autumn Horror lets you experience the film, and Winter Nightmare lets you feast on a brand new storyline!

– There’s so much gore, you’ll literally have to wipe it off your screen!

– Earn badges and prove your worth! There’s a Game Center leaderboard!

– Includes dialogue and the score from the original film!

– Celebrate the 30th year anniversary of the horror movie that started it all!


“Stays true to the feel of [the film], which is essential.” – Rob Tapert, Executive Producer of The Evil Dead

“Gore-drenched, boomstick-featuring, Deadite slaughterthon” – Entertainment Weekly

“They’ve done a great job of faithfully recreating the original movie, plus adding some new content of their own.” – Appolicious

“Evil Dead looks crisp, runs well, and is one of the better-looking mobile titles I’ve seen.” – Game Informer

For more info about the Evil Dead app, visit http://www.evildeadapp.com. For customer support, reach us at support[at]evildeadapp[dot]com.

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