Eve of Impact

Universal Game Center Rating: 4+

Eve of Impact is a game from Rik Schennink, originally released 20th October, 2011


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Eve of Impact Review

Some games have a very limited scope, and that’s actually okay. Case in point is Eve of Impact. Essentially a mix of classic arcade shooters Missile Command and Asteroids, Eve of Impact isn’t deep or complex, and there’s no variety. The game offers one game mode with the sole objective of surviving as long as possible to earn as high a score as possible.

Yet, there are enough little things about the game to make it well worth a look for lovers of classic shooters. Eve of Impact is simply presented, but the graphics are excellent. The Earth is in the center of the screen, with a shield around it. There’s a percentage marker to easily let players know how much shield is left, and when it hits zero, the game ends. Amidst the starry background, asteroids will start to come from off-screen while mankind struggles to launch escape ships from Earth.

Some say the world will end in fire.

The score is actually how many humans have been saved, and the manner in which the asteroids are dealt with affects the score. In an intelligent and distinctive move, the object isn’t actually to blow the space rocks up. Instead, players use the shockwaves from missile explosions to deflect the meteors away from Earth. Actually destroying the meteors causes more panic on Earth, which, in turn, leads to fewer humans saved for a few seconds.

Asteroids can come from any direction and as things progress, they appear in larger and more hectic groups. There’s little doubt Earth is doomed in Eve of Impact, and the point is to simply beat your last high score. The excellent physics-focused shooting gives the game a nice distinction, and the solid graphics and sound all make this a fun, if slight sci-fi diversion.