Rating: 4+

EVAC is a game from David Peroutka, originally released 30th October, 2010


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Evac Review

Pac-Man and his many clones are commonplace in gaming, so you might be quick to shrug off Evac. Don’t. While you might still be picking up pellets along the way, a large variety of puzzles, enemies and power-ups keep things very interesting as you progress through the levels in Evac.

Besides collecting all the pellets to clear a level, you’ll also encounter obstacles and enemies that need to be destroyed, stunned, or avoided, all of which you can do by grabbing a variety of helpful power-ups. These power-ups add a good deal of fun beyond the regular old power pellets in the original Pac-Man.

The level design is top tier in Evac. Depending on the level, you might need to do things like solve a Sokoban puzzle, box away hordes of enemies, or something similar. The difficulty curve as you progress is very smooth and approachable. However, once you’ve gotten into the groove of the game, it ends. Only 24 levels are included, and even with online leaderboards we weren’t compelled to replay any of them.

Always angry, all the time!

Also, the controls are usable but certainly not ideal. Instead of using swipe commands or a d-pad, you’re given a marker to place anywhere on the screen. Tapping left, right, above, or below the marker will move you in the relative direction. This method ends up clunkier than it was likely intended to be and results in slower reaction times.

And while it lasts, Evac’s florescent visual appeal and sense of humor make the 24 level experience all the more enjoyable. The story of your pink box’s escape from captivity is told through frequent witty dialogue.

Despite its lack of content, for $0.99 Evac is still worth buying if you dig Pac-Man-style gameplay. Its creativity and level design tops most of the competition, and that alone is an accomplishment.