Euro Quiz

You think that you know everything about soccer? Test your knowledge in this unique quiz with up to date questions about the Euro 2012 and many more soccer related topics.

How many players in the English squad play for Manchester City? When did England last win a European Football Championship? Which Spanish top player cannot participate in the Euro 2012 tournament due to a leg injury?

Test your football knowledge in two unique game modes. In the Category Mode you can proof your knowledge about a certain soccer related topic like the Euro 2012 or soccer rules. Questions in this game mode are divided into 3 difficulty levels. First you have to pass the qualification, then the group stage and once you have mastered the finals as well, you finally get the title!

Choose out of currently 4 categories with 600 soccer related questions.

In the Endless Mode you can proof your general soccer knowledge. In this mode you are asked questions out of every available topic. How many questions are you able to answer before you receive the second yellow card?

For the correct answering of questions you receive soccer balls that can be used in the joker store to buy more jokers. Here you can choose out of 3 available joker types.

Compete with your friends through the integrated Game Center leaderboards and Game Center achievements.

The Euro Quiz App is universal and thus optimized for the iPhone / iPod touch AND the iPad.

Download the Euro Quiz now and become the ultimate soccer expert!

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