EuP Raceday

Your customers are living in homes with old out-dated pumps, and are wasting energy by the hour. It’s your job to save their day. You need to race against the clock to provide your customers with new high efficiency pumps before their old ones waste more energy.

Your Grundfos van can only hold 5 pumps at a time, and you need to use your decision making skills to determine which homes need to have their pumps updated before you must return to the Grundfos factory to get more. When one of your customers homes is in need of a more efficient pump, the icon “!” will pop-up above it. The colour of the icon (green, yellow or red) will indicate the amount of time in which you have to change the pump within that home. If you fail at any time to replace a pump system before it fails, the game will be over.

Simple one touch control
Quick and easy to play anywhere on your iPhone or iPad

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