Eskimo Village FREE

Eskimo Village FREE – create the most populated Eskimo Village!

The Eskimo population is in danger, after the global warming effect destroyed a big part of the arctic lands. Nigaq, the wise Eskimo chief is the last survivor of the Eskimos. He wants to rebuild the Eskimo civilization that once ruled these arctic lands. In order to do so, he needs you to help him populate new villages with as many baby Eskimos as possible.
You have to steal the baby Eskimos from the storks that are carrying them, by slicing the blankets in which the baby Eskimos are carried. Be careful, the baby Eskimos have to fall inside the igloos built by Nigaq. Avoid cutting the bombs and the dirty diapers!

Show your friends on Facebook and Twitter the most populated Eskimo Villages you created! Compete with your friends and try to build the village with the biggest Eskimo population!

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Included in the game:
Game Center Leaderboards
3 types of gameplay

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