Escape: The Lost Village

=== Prologue =======================
While on a history trip, I stayed at an inn in a small village that was said to have a shady past. It was an old village, far removed from modern culture, and it produced an odd atmosphere. In the middle of the night,the villagers suddenly jumped at me!Next thing I knew,I woke up in a small, dark box.I started struggling,and I noticed the top board could be moved.I have to escape from this dark and narrow place!

Your mission is only to escape from the room by opening the door. However, to do this, you’ll need to gather some items and use those items in solving puzzles.
The rules are very simple. You can tap various locations, and you can also flick when you need to move about the room.


Compatible Devices:
iPhone 3GS and later
iPod touch and iPad compatible iOS6.0.1 and later

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