Escape of the Meatball

Hungry forks and knives are aiming for the last meatball on earth and he has had enough!

It is time for the Escape of the Meatball! A funny, exciting and simple game that promises to keep you laughing (and maybe crying) for hours.

- falling forks and knives that attacks Meatball
- falling condiments which will transform Meatball into balls of power!
- Chili turns Meatball into Torchball!
- Cheese turns Meatball into Cheeseball!
- Soy sauce turns Meatball into Ninjaball!
- Vinegar turns Meatball into Wonderball!
- Olive oil turns Meatball into Flashball!
- and many more!

- tilt device to control meatball and avoid the forks and knives
- remember to get meatball powers from condiments

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