Escape Insanity

Recently Top 3 in the all-games chart
No.1 in Games / Adventure

***** ‘By far the best 3D maze game out there’, N Williams

Unique THUMB-FLICK skill controls and CHASERS.

Can you complete all 10 levels and escape from the Asylum ?

A FAST-PACED game with a 3D maze of corridors where patients trying to kill you and nurses try to capture you.

Multiple Levels. Later levels are INSANELY difficult.

The maps are RANDOMLY generated everytime you play, so you’ll never play the same maze twice.

*** FREE power ups ***

– Increase speed
– Invincible
– Additional Health
– More Gems
– Explore Time

(leave a comment and let us know what other power-ups you’d like adding)


– Swipe with your right thumb to control player
– Explore the maze to check for deadends before play starts

– Complete higher levels for bonus points

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