Escape From Tokeru

“Parents looking for an interesting, thought-provoking app for this age set should take note of Escape From Tokeru, a puzzle game that includes an interesting back story, beautiful illustrations and moody, ambient background music”

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From the creator of the hugely popular Loopy Tunes comes Escape From Tokeru.

Lord Waru has kidnapped the 3 Light Emitters, Kiki, Suri and Toro and hidden them deep in the mazes of Mount Tokeru.

Without them the world will remain in darkness forever, it is up to you to rescue them.

Navigate safe paths through the mazes of the worlds of ice, bridges, tunnels and trees to return the Light Emitters to their home. But don’t wake Waru’s dragons or they’ll stop your attempts.

Designed for 5-8 year olds, Escape From Tokeru has been created for the iPad but has been optimised for the best possible game play on your iPhones and Ipod Touches as well.

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