Escape Bear

★★★★★ Thanks so much! Over 4,000,000 installs on iPhone, iPad, iPod ★★★★★
Sorry for waiting long time!!! “Escape Bear” Season 2 Slender Man is now available!!!

Escape Bear – An intense and exciting running game which challenges your reflexes.
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A brave and determined bear needs to escape, but is being chased by a brutal jailer. You must help him! In the way are spiked pillars, animal traps, swinging axes, and more. Escape Bear is the first of its genre to feature only 2 lanes for dodging. Players can act more accurately and quickly, and will find endless fun in this running game.

Escape Bear contains certain graphic depictions that display blood and gore and may be considered inappropriate by those sensitive to such elements. Humble Gaming advises caution and appropriate independent judgment to be exercised by parents and care givers.

.Easy to learn, one-handed gameplay.
.3-Star scoring system encourages you to master all the levels!
.4 game modes.
Story mode: 198 levels, can you beat them all?
Survival Mode: test your limits of concentration!
Hell Speed Mode: measure your maximum reaction speed.
Infinity Mode: 1000m? 2000m? Endless escaping begins now!
.15 powerful items and Boosts! Help you to clear story mode & create new record in other mode!
.8 themes: Indoor and outdoor scenes, you have no place to hide!
.9 cute characters
.19 expected – and unexpected – traps
.Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements to compete with your friends.
.Post scores on Facebook or Twitter.
.Incredibly fun “just one more time” game play!

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