Escape 3D: Tea Room

*Please note this is the first REAL 3D e3D game. Please leave feedback about the controls and how you like it so we can improve it with an update soon!*

I was just enjoying some calming tea on my trip to Japan when I realized the door has been jammed shut! How will I get out of here? I’m going to have to find a new way to get out.. Can you help me?

Finally! A REAL 3D Escape game! No more being bound to 2D images! Navigate through the 3D environment in a First Person view!
Get up and EXPLORE the room! Walk around in a real 3D environment! Find, combine, and place items just like any other e3D game, but this time you must venture around on your own to find them! With in-App Hints, challenging puzzles, secret areas, extra collectibles, tons of items, and much more, this is easily the best e3D game to date! And we’ll only make them better and better!

* REAL 3D Environment with the ability to walk around in a First Person View!
* Find Collectibles!
* Find all of the extra hidden coins for an extra reward!
* In-app hints that highlight items for you!
* Walkthrough video available!
* Post your scores on our facebook to show your the best escape artist!
* Search “e3D” and “Escape 3D” for more escape games!
* Visit for more FREE apps!

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