Escape 3D: Hidden Objects

You’ve escaped from them before, but now it’s time for a remix! All the great items and graphics you know from the e3D Escape series put into 1 game!

See how far you can make it through this hidden object craziness! Items scattered throughout various rooms. Can you find them in time? Watch out where you click!


“I enjoyed going back and finding items out of place in each level”

“So intense once the timer starts counting down!!”

“One of the more challenging hidden object games I’ve played!”


Try your luck at it! How good are you at finding them!

– Tons of items to find
– Look for the items to fill the shapes you are given
– Intense fast paced object finding! You are timed!
– Do awesome in a level to get more time and clicks in the next!
– All the fun of finding objects in escape games in 1 awesome app!

Good luck! and remember to rate the game high so we can continue making FREE apps for you! :)

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