Escape 3D: Death Lab

You are alone in a crazy laboratory filled with blood and danger around every corner! With a limited selection of items, can you solve the puzzle and find a way out?

Search around in terrifying environments, looking for hidden objects. Once you find a few try to use them and find a way to escape death!

* Find All of the hidden skulls for a super secret reward!
* Prove you are the fastest at escaping death and submit your score to GameCenter!
* Search “” on the AppStore for so many more FREE escape games!
* Visit for even more FREE apps!
* Remember to give this game a good rating so we can keep bringing you more escape games!

Bored Bob’s suggested game to play:
Search: “Haunted Manor Escape” A survivor horror escape game with many ways to die/lose! Be careful where you click, but make sure you act fast!

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