eSafety Driving Challenge

*******WATCH OUT! Dangerous road ahead! ********

Put your reaction skills to the test in this fun and fast iPhone driving game. Take the eSafety Challenge and win GOLD from Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and other top celebrity drivers!

A game with super easy controls that anyone can play! Swipe and tap to avoid obstacles on your way to the Gold medal. This is NOT another racing simulator. It’s different from any driving game you’ve ever played.

Learn from the professionals how eSafety systems work and what they can do for you.

Michael Schumacher
Formula 1 Driver
“eSafety Systems can assist you in case of an emergency situation by providing vital information and warnings to help avoid the situation occurring in the first place.”

Sebastien Loeb
Rally Driver
“Electronic stability control helps avoid a crash by reducing the risk of your car going into a spin during a sudden emergency manoeuvre and stabilizes it by braking individual wheels.”

Lewis Hamilton
Formula 1 Driver
“Warning and Emergency System warns you about a possible danger and activates the breaks when there is no reaction from you. This really helps to prevent a potential collision.”

Susie Stoddart
DTM Driver
“When driving on a road, I sometimes find myself uncertain of what the speed limit is. That’s when it’s very useful to have the information on my dashboard, provided by the SPEED ALERT system.”

Alexander Wurz
Racing Driver
“The BLIND SPOT MONITORING system warns you when a vehicle in your blind spot is overtaking you or when you are about to move into a lane occupied by another vehicle.”

Tom Kristensen
Le Mans 24-hour Champion
“When you leave the road lane unintentionally or change lane without indication, the LANE SUPPORT system monitors the position of your vehicle and helps you to correct the course of your car.”

Nico Rosberg
Formula 1 Driver
“The ADAPTIVE HEADLIGHTS system gives you better visibility around curves and even uphill by turning the lights in the direction of the road. This helps you see dangers ahead and avoid surprises.”

The eSafety Driving Challenge game is developed by MiniGameLabs ( and Norkay AB ( for FIA Foundation.

The global version is supported by
-FIA (
-FIA Foundation (
-eSafety Challenge (
-eSafety Aware (

Regional Support

-The Canadian Automobile Association, CAA (

-Automóvel Club de Portugal, ACP (

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