Equivoke Word Play

Equivoke is a unique word game designed for one purpose: to increase vocabulary for use in your favourite crossword-style board game.

“The best dedicated training app in the App Store” – 5-star review, US app store.

Equivoke comes already packed with levels constructed to improve your knowledge of words of all kinds, such as:

* valid 2 letter words,
* words containing J, Q, X or Z,
* words with a high or low proportion of vowels,
* words with Q but no U,
* most probable words,
* the 5 most common 6-7 word stems; RETINA, SATIRE etc.

For each level you can study an ordered list of words, and you can even design your own level and then study or play it.

Game Center integration allows you to compare your progress against other players, and offers some achievements to provide extra motivation.

Additional level packs are available as the following In-App purchases:

– Wordsmith Levels:

* 2-3 letter word hooks,
* 3 letter words,
* 7 letter anagrams,
* the 50 most common 6-7 letter stems,
* awkward consonant words.

– Wordmonger Levels:

* 3-4 letter word stems,
* 4 and 5 letter words,
* 8 letter anagrams,
* common suffixes,
* common prefixes,
* the 25 most common 7-8 letter word stems.

The included word lists are those used in official tournaments – TWL for US and Canada and SOWPODS for the Rest of the World.

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