ePuzzle is a classic handheld number puzzle game where the objective is to place the number blocks in a numerical order by sliding them around the game board. The game brings additional fun when you challenge yourself to solve the puzzle with a minimum number of moves and in a shortest time. It is one of those classic games that challenge your analytical skills through fun play.  

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1. Provides three different levels of games. 
2. Maintains scores for the best timings and the number of moves.
3. Uploads scores to the web 
How to Play:
The first time game starts with an “Easy” level and the numbers are automatically randomized on the game board.

1. Touch one of the number blocks next to the empty block on the game board. This will start the game and the scoring.
2. Move around the number blocks as fast as you can to bring them in the numerical order reading from left to right. The game is won, when all the number blocks are arranged in their numerical order.
3. Check the scoreboard for the timing and the total number of moves used in the game.  
4. Touch the “Settings” button to change the game level, your world scoreboard profile and/or twitter settings.
5. Touch the “Shuffle” button anytime to re-start the game. This will reset the scoreboard and randomize the numbers on the game board. 
6. Touch the “Score” button anytime to see your top three scores and upload your score to the world scoreboard.
7. Enjoy and keep working on your best score.

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