What will your Epitaph be? You could go for the highest score or to save as many lives as possible. Just as in real life. Either way, you will not be able to bring the achievement to after-life.

Epitaph is a game with a retro-feel of the old C64 or Amiga. You could call this a retrogame, where we invoke nostalgia, but at the same time it is a very modern game with all the design of a modern arcade game. You steer by first tapping the cannon to command and then tap where you aim your counter-measures against the missiles. There are several kinds of attacking missiles. Some needs to be fired upon twice to have their route discontinued. Should your cannon be hit, it could be repaired once, following that you have to depend on whatever other cannons you have left. When missiles hit the ground your people will die, so please make sure to avoid that.

Epitaph was produced by the hippie collective Baudelaire’s Horse, consisting of Niklas Derouche and Mikael Pawlo. We are serious about very few things but our games. Derouche and Pawlo started out making a software product called LOLsecurity during the entrepreneurial challenge 24 hour business camp (#24hbc) in Sweden. Following a so-called pivot, we decided to instead go for a more casual approach and went on to design games for the iPhone. Some of the games are Gridhacker, Spacerails, Unavoidable and Epitaph.

We do this for fun and enjoyment, our own primarily. If the world at the same time becomes a better place, it was never our intention.

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