This is the biggest game by RoboCrank yet and in the review by TheAppleBites.com, EpicErrands was described as “…a unique game…”, “…keep you enthralled…” and “…beautiful graphics…”

Can you help a bunch of friends, headed up by Jack, complete their errands, win stars and earn coins?

A simple task, you may think. Trouble is the friends are forgetful, they get lost, are easily distracted and very chatty. If that’s not bad enough, there are crocs, snakes, dingoes and spiders to frighten them off.

Can you guide Jack and his friends to finish each of their tasks?

With full Game Center integration you can pit your skills against your friends, earn the most coins, win the most stars or complete the most levels.

With more levels already in development, this is a game that will keep you enthralled.

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