Epic Snake

Epic Snake – beautiful new snake experience. Richest visual version of the classical snake game with Retina HD graphics! A lot of new innovative features built especially for the iPad.

If you like snake games you will love Epic Snake – The best snake game you have ever played on an iPad.

Level Explorer Mode:
– 120 levels across 6 worlds
– Colour Tricks
– Magic Tokens
– day to night view
– strategic weapons

Survival Zone Mode:
– no level limitations
– all worlds unlocked

Death Match Mode:
– challenge a friend
– unlimited ammunition
– tail-drop weapon

Colour Tricks:
– different unique tricks colour coded for stategic use
– blue Colour Trick gives you additional tokens and points
– green Colour Trick turns rocks into eatable tokens
– orange Colour Trick enables a laser beam to shoot any item turning it into a coin
– red Colour Trick increases the snake speed
– purple Colour Trick shortens the snake tail
– yellow Colour Trick stops the snake tail growing
– white Colour Trick enables the snake to eat all rocks
– sound feedback for all Colour Tricks
– cool particle effects for all Colour Tricks

Magic Tokens:
– generates extra points
– strategic tool to manipulate the tokens in the pond

Water Mines:
– powerful weapons at your fingertips – collect them and use them later when you need them
– remove rocks quickly and efficient
– possibility to store up to 3 Water Mines of each kind in the weapons menu section
– arrow Water Mines – clear your path in one row
– kaboom Water Mines removes rocks near the snake’s head
– radiation Water Mines removes all rocks from the pond – most powerful weapons
– reshuffle Water Mines moves rocks away from snake’s head
– yingyang Water Mines balancing out the amount of rocks and tokens in the pond
– snowflake Water Mines freezes rocks and turn them into icy snow that are eatable

Slow Sign:
– makes you go slow motion for a while
– terminates the red Colour Trick

Quick Guide:
– awesome way to learn about Epic Snake’s unique features

– all levels are open play so the snake can swim off the left side and returns on the right side – same is for up & down sides
– pause the game at any time with visual delay indicator to pick up where you left off
– you can skip levels if you find them too difficult

Control options:
– tap on screen is default
– optional button controls

Themes and Graphics:
– gorgeous high quality retina graphics
– each world has its own set of coloured tokens
– different background particle effect in each world

Game Center Options:
– compete with your online friends in different Leaderboards
– Level Explorer Time
– Survival Zone Points
– Survival Zone Time
– Collected Gold Coins
– Collected Silver Coins

– visual and audio feedback for several events such as warning before the snake tail falls off or eyes clacking indicator for having 5 tokens left to eat before shedding off the tail
– awesome statistics screen with lots of extra infos
– nice environmental background sound of water in the pond
– beautiful environmental random birds chirping sounds
– nonviolent natural and peaceful

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