Epic Defense TD Lite

The first RPG and TowerDefense all in One!

Live the adventure across the 30 levels and defends your precious orb, against the waves of monsters.

Upgrade your level and your skills, and be the master of Epic Defense.


Win levels and skill points, to use it in your habilities.
Decide your strategy and make the best combination of habilities to win all the levels.
There are many combinations to be the master of the elements!


Perfect game of TD with 10 tower types, including the land tower, the ice tower, the fire tower, the thunder tower, and the plasma tower.
Every tower has his special power, use it and combine the power of all towers, to stop the waves of enemies.


Discover the level configurations and create your own level with, also you can create unlimited levels and test your strategy skills.


Enabled Game Center with leaderboard , to know who’s the master of the elements.


– More than 100 levels to upgrade.
– 30 Levels.
– 3 Speeds.
– Support multitask iOS 4.
– 10 habilities.
– More than 10 monsters with differents habilities.
– Bosses.

Version 1.3:
– Added new level.

Version 1.35:
– 30 Levels.
– Tower max level:5.
– Skill limit to 100.
– More.

Version 1.4:

– Now you gain XP in every battle.

Version 2.2.5:
-New tower added: Paralyzer Tower!
Paralyze the enemies and win time to destroy them.

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