Epic Battles in Mexico – FREE Game

Download while it’s FREE!

The definitive strategy game from Mexico returns! With better animations, new challenges and more historic battles, you an relive key moments that gave Mexico its freedom!

Brought to you by Neggi Studio, creators of Bicentenario 2010 and Zombie Piñata!

Our first RTS: Bicentenario 2010 was praised by our fans as a highly addictive and fun strategy game. We now create a sequel for our fans!

This new version takes the best elements of Bicentenario and improves upon them while adding new and exciting features.

************GAME FEATURES************

✫ Key conflicts from Mexican history like the battle of independence, the foreign intervention, the revolution and many more.
✫ Full integration with Game Center with achievements and leaderboards.
✫ Optimized for iPad 2
✫ Original levels revamped
✫ New animations
✫ Improved AI
✫ New Economy System
✫ Repair your buildings!

Plus the fight continues with new levels each month, prepare for battle!

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