While searching for undiscovered treasure in an ancient tomb, you and a rival archeologist got trapped in a chamber filled with floating blocks and apparently nowhere else to go. Worse than that, the blocks are slowly falling into oblivion, so you need to keep moving! You have no choice but to corner your rival and make sure that he falls instead of you, so you can prevail (or not).

Entrapped is a game of strategy, where you need to consider carefully your every move. It is simple to grasp, yet tricky to master. Try to corner your opponent, but take great care to not get cornered yourself! You can play against the computer, another player on the same device or with anyone from around the world over the internet.

Can you survive the dangers of this tomb? Or will you be forever Entrapped?

– Simple and entertaining gameplay
– Lively graphics with varied animations
– Retina display support (high resolution graphics)
– Online multiplayer (EDGE, 3G or wi-fi) with automatic match finding. Just tap the button and play against someone!
– PlayHaven features

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