Entrapped Christmas

It’s every boy’s wish to get all the presents in the world for Christmas. Well, not for these two kids. You see, the overall economic instability around the world has been deeply worrying Santa and his elves, so he has become a wee bit nuts. Through a little miscalculation, he is delivering all presents to the same house. That would be great, except the boys now have to stay on their toes so they are not squashed by all the heavy boxes!

This is the Christmas-themed version of the engaging strategy game Entrapped! Your objective is to avoid the deluge of presents Crazy Santa is throwing from the sky, while trying to corner your opponent. But remember to take great care so as to not become entrapped yourself!

The game has online multiplayer through GameCenter, so be sure to spread the word so that you can play with your friends anywhere!

Main features:
* Universal binary, runs on all iOS devices
* Simple, yet deep strategic gameplay
* Crisp and lively Retina Display ready graphics
* Online multiplayer through GameCenter (with a fallback option through our servers for devices that do not support it)

Have a Merry Christmas!

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