“Enterstate perhaps is the most exciting shortest and simplest iPhone game in the App Store.”
– Victor, iphonefootprint.com

“EnterState is a really nice game in that it does exactly what it sets out to do, and makes it all fun and challenging. It is a very well executed pick up and play game that will frustrate you (in a good way) for… well… 60 Seconds, but the fun of the game will last a lot longer than that.”
– Bob Bedore, Appversity

“I don’t care how much you paid attention in 6th grade this game is going to test your knowledge of our US States.”
– Jerad Hill, Theapppodcast.com

Can you find all 50 states in less than 60 seconds?

Make America proud!

The clock will count down from 60 seconds. As state names appear on the screen, find and press them on the map of the U.S.A. If you achieve the goal within 60 seconds, you win! Your score is equal to the time left on the clock when you press all of the buttons in order. Enter your name and try to improve your score by finishing with more time remaining. Add friends and invite them to compete with you for the best score on YOUR Circle Of Friends Ranks Scoreboard!

– Every game lasts just 1 minute!
– Game 1 in Perplext’s :60 Series.
– Random board each game!
– Compete with YOUR Circle Of Friends.
– Unique built-In Friend Scores Rank System keeps track of only YOUR friend’s top scores!

Also known as “InterState”.

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