Endless Farrago – Scramble Letters and Keep Forming Words Until Time Runs Out

Endless Farrago is a spin-off game based on one of the game modes found in the awesome Word Farrago!

Un-jumble the letters to continuously form words! Endless Farrago takes the classic word twisting game to yet another higher level. The game has 5 distinct and different game modes with 2 difficulty levels each, resulting in a unique word forming gaming experience. With almost 80,000 words used in the game, every round you play is unique and challenging.

Two addicting game modes have been added to extend the addicting endless mode experience. The arcade mode adds power letter tiles to your regular letter tiles. There are a total of 8 powers available that can blow up, freeze, zap other tiles making the game more challenging. The conveyor mode tests your speed since letters continuously move, you’ll have to grab them while they’re in sight.

★ “If you’ve played Text Twist or Word Farrago, you’ll definitely love this one!” – Mom

✓ Classic mode – endless word forming fun similar to Word Farrago Pro!
✓ Pyramid mode – complete 3 words endlessly
✓ Arcade mode – 8 different power tiles are added to the mix!
✓ Changeroo mode – you’ll have to be quick with this mode since some letters keep changing
✓ Conveyor mode – top and bottom rows act like conveyor belts of letter tiles.

★ Bomb tile – blasts the surrounding tiles to smitherines
★ Ice tile – freezes surrounding tiles into place. Tap these to break them.
★ Lightning tile – zaps two random tiles in the board
★ Changer tile – changes it’s letter every now and then
★ Metal tile – can only be destroyed by bomb and lightning tiles
★ 3 Multiplier tiles – increases the tile’s score by x2, x3 or x4

✓ iPhone 5 compatible
✓ Fun and innovative letter twisting gameplay
✓ Beautiful retina graphics, sound effects and relaxing background music
✓ 5 game modes: classic, pyramid, arcade, changeroo and conveyor modes
✓ 2 difficulty levels per game mode for a total of 10 levels
✓ Game Center leaderboards
✓ Perfect for both casual word gamers and word game addicts!


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