Endless Crosswords

You can’t walk of the edge of this crossword board. No sides, no edges, no start and no end. New Crossword Puzzles wrapped around a cylinder that go round and round. Returning to our roots, Nuevo Retro Games has created a unique and entertaining puzzle game for all ages in Endless Crosswords. Give it a spin, Crosswords with a twist.

• No left or right edges on the puzzles
• Crosswords for everyone! Various levels of puzzle difficulty
• All new puzzles US-style puzzles available now (UK Style will follow)
• 2 free puzzles, additional puzzle packs are available for in-
game purchase (more coming soon!)
• Universal app – play on iPhone or iPad
• Game Center support for profiles and achievements
• Multiple player profiles
• Save and resume your current game
• Original music and sound effects
• Options to turn on/off music and sound effects
• Play your own music

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