Encircle the Turtle

“So much better than Angry Birds” – Kukoky
“so addictive that it’s taking me everything to keep away from the game and write about it” – igeeksblog.com
Featured Game of the Week by AppEpic.com!

Can you outwit a turtle, the slowest of them all?

It’s a simple game, really: You get 1 block per turn, and the turtle gets 1 move per turn. All you have to do is surround the turtle with blocks … but it’s much easier said than done. Can you Encircle the Turtle?

-a full campaign to play through
-singleplayer mode, where you can play as the encircler OR as the turtle against intelligent AI
-2 player mode (pass and play), where you can play against a friend
-fully optimized for iPhone5 and Retina display friendly

Prove your worth as an Encircler now!

** More campaign levels to come soon! Stay tuned! **

Made by Victor Zhou

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