Empire of the Eclipse

Note: While EotE is free to download a paid character account subscription is required to play the game. This allows us to run our servers, and provide a competitive online strategy experience without ruining the game experience through the sale of powerups and other in-game advantages.

Set in the distant future, Empire of the Eclipse tasks players with establishing an interstellar empire and using diplomacy, economic acumen and conquest to thrive.

If you’ve always thought playing a game like Civilization or Master of Orion on a massive scale would be incredible, but you’ve been continually let down by the scores of so called ‘Freemium MMO Strategy Games’ on iOS, then Empire of the Eclipse is the game for you.
Key Features:

•Play to Win, not Pay to Win: Players can’t buy their way to victory with in app purchases unlike other ‘Strategy MMO’s.

•Massively Multiplayer: Fight, trade, scheme and vie for universal domination with thousands of other players per game.

•Epic Universe: Games can range in size from 2,500 to 90,000 sectors. Explore, conquer and exploit hundreds of thousands of planets.

•Explore: Fog of war and dynamically generated universes require exploration and reconnaissance, key components of the empire building experience.

•Streamlined Interface: Jump to any controlled planet or fleet from anywhere in the galaxy with just a few touches.

•Diplomacy: Enact a state of Peace, War or Embargo with other players. A rich array of interpersonal player dynamics awaits.

•Many Ways to Win: Win by the application of brute force or economic superiority. Transcend the stars or collect ancient alien artifacts. Whether warmonger, diplomat or explorer, there are always ways to win.

•Skill Trees: Utilize a diverse and flexible selection of over 40 skills that allow you to do anything from creating black holes to swindling other players in trade deals.

•Player Communication: Robust in-game mail and chat systems feature private channels and item attachments to negotiate trade and arrange covert operations.

•Retina Display: Stunning visuals are tailor-made to support both Retina and traditional iPhone displays.

•A single account may login from any iOS device you or anyone else owns.

•Supports iOS 5.0+ devices.

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