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Emissary of War is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Emissary of War Review

Unfortunately, most mobile games don’t place story too high on their priority list. Emissary of War tries to break that pattern, offering players a unique action RPG adventure with a story that left us quite surprised and characters we wouldn’t mind spending more time with.

You control a team of two lone soldiers, Ghent and Hassock, who have been tasked with getting all the small kingdoms to join in an alliance with the Dominion, a peaceful and dominant kingdom. As their journey progresses, you discover that someone is trying to undo all of their hard work. Along their path, these two heroes encounter various wild creatures and even trained soldiers.

To attack these enemies, you can tap around the screen to direct Ghent, your warrior, to attack with his sword. Hassock, the alchemist sidekick, will stand at a distance and toss potions at enemies to do damage or at Ghent to heal him. Each of your heroes has his own health points, but Ghent’s health is the most vital. Hassock can revive himself after every battle.

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Once the battle is over, you pick up coins or runes, which can be used to purchase new weapons, potions, or upgrades to your characters’ stats. The game keeps these aspects relatively simple and avoids the numbers. You only know you’ve upgraded Ghent’s HP, but not how much HP he has.

The partnership of your two characters is surprisingly fun. Hassock appears, at first, as the bumbling friend, but you soon realize how valuable he is as an ally. You can work strategy into their partnership, favoring one of these characters over the other for a certain strategy or you can upgrade them evenly for a solid team.

The game offers the first chapter of the game as a free download. Once that chapter is over, you can pay a small fee to unlock a second chapter, which uses your upgraded characters and continues the story. Emissary of War is a short game that can be completed in two hours, but the gameplay is clever, original and worth every penny.

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We have few criticisms with the game, mostly revolving around the graphics. They’re reminiscent of early PlayStation polygon visuals, but we assume this is so the game will run on older devices. During actual gameplay the graphics look fine, but in the cutscenes the characters’ faces in particular look flat. On the other hand, these cutscenes also feature high quality voice acting.

Ghent’s AI could use some tweaking, as he usually stops attacking once his foe is vanquished, despite the fact that hordes of enemies still remain and are often attacking his sidekick. Hassock, on the other hand, will move fluidly from one foe to another.

These criticisms are relatively minuscule compared to the grandeur of this game. We’ve barely touched the story to prevent spoiling any details, but we’ll say that it’s much better than what you’ll find in nearly any other iPhone game. We’ll be waiting anxiously another chapter, if there is one, because Emissary of War is an amazing game in a sea of copycats and clones.