eMaze Lite

Do you love solving mazes? Do you like pretty lines and bright colors? Then eMaze may be just what you’re looking for!

IMPORTANT NOTE : eMaze generates an -infinite- amount of mazes at different difficulty levels, which is way more than 500. Plus you can solve them using your choice of controls.

eMaze generates random mazes for you to solve, right from the convenience of your own iPhone or iPod Touch. You can select a difficulty level and then work your way through the resulting chaos while you giggle. You can master your own mazey universe using either standard directional touch control mode, tilt control mode, or the new amazing swipe-o-matic mode for the most wild and crazy of all maze-masters.

But wait, there’s more!

eMaze even saves your best times for each difficulty level, so if you’re up for always trying to 1-up yourself now you can!

Will there be even more offered in the future? You can bet your bottom dollar there will be. eMaze is actively developed and will continue to be updated.

The lite version contains the first two difficulty versions. For more challenges and fun check out the full version of eMaze.

– INFINITE number of mazes generated just for you.
– Two different maze difficulty levels – choose what’s right for you.
– Touch, Swipe and Tilt control options.
– Multiple difficulty levels.
– Timed solving and saved best-times.

Added to version 1.1:

– Added a “Generating Maze” screen.
– Added options for tilt control!
– Added options for maze colors.
– Updated help screens.
– Fixed performance issue that caused eventual slowdown for some users.

Added to version 2.0:

– Updated help

Added to version 2.1:

– Added selectable speed controls.

Disclaimer : Any resemblence to real-life fictional characters is purely coincidental. Your results may vary. As always, talk to your doctor before starting a heavy maze regimen to see if eMaze is right for you.

Please feel free to contact me if you have suggestions for making the application more useful, and thanks for your support!

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