eM-Logic Lite

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Think & Link!

This is the Puzzle!
It came for iPhone!

As you know,
This title was already released for handheld
video game machine.
And it ranked in the “top 5″ of the download
contents during first week in US.

—– What is eM-Logic? —–

eM-Logic, its name in US is
“Don’t Cross The Line (DCTL).”

and its name in Japan is
“Kyoudaisei Higashida Hiroshi ga kangaeta
puzzle Hirameki Emusubi.”

It is simple rulus.
Just you are going to do is “Think & Link.”

—– How to play —–

Find pair of tiles.
Draw the line to link the pair
and you do not cross that lines.

—– specialty for iPhone Lite ver.—–

9 practice questions in this Lite version.

All questions are same as Full version.

If you want to try more, full version is
Check out it!

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