Elf Punt

You are a slobbering Yeti riding a stolen reindeer. The only thing on your mind is candy. Sweet, juicy, yummy candy. The same candy the elves have in their pockets. How will you get that candy? By chasing them down and punting them!

You, the yeti, are hungry and weak. Fulfill your hunger and become more powerful by punting candy from the elves. You’ll be able to upgrade your magical yeti powers such as:
★Smash Power – Dash through the air longer and punt extra candy out of the elves
★Jump Power – Go higher and further than ever before
★Double Jump – Twice the fun as a single jump
★Smash Cooldown – Being able to smash-attack things faster will result in less bombs to the face
★Candy Doubler – More CANDY? Sign me up

Elf Punt is an endless runner with cute graphics and top notch controls. It was made using the Unity3d game engine and was created from the code base from Lame Castle. There were quite a few modifications to that game and we hope you’ll enjoy the game.

★★ Launch Trailer: http://youtu.be/7lSqMxPbfUY ★★

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