Finally 1.3 update has arrived!

**New Winter and Zombie Themes!**

Simple, fast-paced, pixel-themed, elevator action!

Agent character. (Auto transports people to their floors)
VIP character. (Increased elevator speed)

***Upcoming Features***

Story Mode
Game Music and Sound Effects
Multi-Elevator Mode
More power-ups
More buildings
More pixel people


Elevate is a new game where you control a pixel style elevator to help people get to different floors within their office building.

As time goes by more and more people start waiting for the elevator and if you let anyone get too impatient, then the game ends.

VIP’s occasionally show up and cause your elevator to travel faster after you pick them up! Use this power up wisely as once you drop them off you lose it.

With a simple high-score system you can attain to achieve higher and beat your friends scores.


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