・It is shown that Eleps84 has 84 pieces which Eleps is the abbreviation for Electron Pieces and have common character like an electron.
・The common piece performs setup, cooperation, and distribution.
・By the piece only for a contestant, a common piece is acquired and it competes for a score.
・The common piece and the piece for exclusive use are distinguished, and the role of the piece is clear.
・The indicator consists of lines which connect the point with 25 points of 5×5.
・The basic method of competition
① The contestant 1 is the first move.
② The contestant 1 piece is specified as the point with which the common piece on the board is set up, and the common piece is acquired.
③ The number of the common piece becomes the score of contestant 1.
④ Furthermore, four common pieces are specified as the non-specific point on the board.
⑤ The contestant 2 also performs the same specification as the contestant 1 by contestant 2 piece and common piece.
⑥ The above-mentioned specification is repeated and, finally the contestant with many scores becomes a victory.
・Competition in the selection of method, there is a mode to set the score to the board, has a diversity in ways of thinking of the game.

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