Elephant Express FREE

Now more than 150 unique levels!
Also two player mode and Special Episodes!

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Elephant Express is a physics game with an adventurous twist. Use the tail to get your elephant flying and deliver the packages around the jungle. Your friends need a taxi ride too, but watch out for the evil crocodiles, snakes and other dangers.

Adventure takes you from jungle and dark caves all the way to mountains of China to fight against evil kung fu monkeys. Use some voodoo to control gravity and dive deep to ship wreck. But be aware that the storm is coming out there!

TWO PLAYER MODE: Play with others on co-operation mode or challenge your friend for points or for Death Match on unique challenge levels.

SPECIAL EPISODES: On Halloween Special, kill the Zombies and save your friends on this special episode available October 2012. Help Santa with his gifts on December Special 2012!

With Free Version you can play first 2 episodes (38 levels), including the 2 player mode and unique challenge levels. Upgrade to Full Version to access all the exciting adventures and episodes, including current and future Special Episodes.

Content Rating: For Everyone.

Languages: Available in English, French, German, Swedish and Finnish (more coming soon!)

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