ElementFighter HD

Element Fighter is a unique app which puts you on the path to become the world’s greatest scientist!

Your job is to collect as many Moles as possible of each of the 118 different Elements available. But along the way, you can send your Elements into battle to fight against the AI opponents, or against a friend.

+ 118 different Elements to collect, each with different attributes and attacks.
+ Over 150 different attacks
+ 50 AI Opponents
+ Numerous items and modifiers
+ Stats are recorded for each fight, as well as each time you play a mini game
+ Over 20 different Achievements to earn
+ Online leaderboards

The FREE version has the following limitations:
+ You can only take 3 Elements into any fight.
+ The Proton Highway mini game is disabled.
+ You can only fight against the first 20 AI opponents.

However, you can still:
+ Collect as many Moles as possible of all 118 Elements
+ Fight against the first 20 AI opponents
+ Fight against your friends
+ Play Desalination, Electrolysis or Particle Highway mini games

To unlock these features all you need to do is purchase the Full Version from within the app.

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